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services list

  • For young people:

  • Information about vocational training

  • Find a place to stay

  • Proposals for langauage courses

  • Mediation between job seeker and enterprise

  • Preparing for job interview

  • And for schools:

  • Help to get subsidies

  • Editing school rules und regulations

  • Asking for public subventions

  • Earning state recognition

  • Editing academic curricula

  • Preparing class materials

  • Advising on school equipment

  • Mediation with the inspection agencies

  • Hire teachers, Teachers' training

  • Exam management


  • 1

    Learning and Living in Germany

    Our goal consists in informing and consulting young citizens who might be interested in starting a professional or vocational training as an apprentice in Germany.

  • 2

    Founding and managing vocational schools

    We are on your side when setting up a new private school school according to the German legislation for private schools, asking for public subventions and earning state recognition.

  • 3

    Consulting young people

    We offer help to get subsidies, to find a place to stay and a suitable German language course, and we act as a go-between for job seekers and enterprises, offering you help for job interviews, during the period of practical training at the enterprise and with matters linked to the signature of the contract. All this consulting service is free for job seekers. Our fees must be paid by the enterprises once a successful placement has been made.

  • 4

    Workings for schools

    Editing the school’s rules and regulations and the academic curricula, preparing class materials, advising on school equipment. Letting you know the prevailing legal norms to run a school, mediation with the inspection agencies. Recommendations to find new pupils, hire teachers, offer teachers’ training and exam management.