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The Covid-19 virus spreads rapidly
but Virus tracer apps can help protect schools

The corona pandemic also confronts vocational training institutions, especially large schools, with extreme challenges. Following the general closures, these currently include continuing school operations via the Internet as far as possible and updating existing examination organization.

The most serious challenge, however, will arise when school operations are resumed. How is the conflict of targets between teaching in groups and the protection of individual participants to be solved? ....

Focus on people - support and integrate (?)

"Focus on people - support and integrate" is the nice slogan of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in Germany. But they are focussing rather slowly, as far as vocational training is concerned. True, they work a lot....

Program Mobipro-EU updated by German Government

Now the german government as updated the promotion guideline "Promotion of vocational mobility of young people from Europe interested in vocational training" (MobiPro-EU). The new MobiPro guideline involves the following changes:...