PhotographyHigh resolution panoramic views with the cheap Apeman A80 camera

In the beginning of my career in photography, I bought a Leica SLR camera. At that time it cost around 1500 Deutsche Mark. Years later, I worked in my profession with many expensive cameras: Hasselblad, Sinar, Nikon. Each for thousands of dollars. Therefore, it was almost inconceivable to me that they can bring a camera with good picture quality for $ 69.99 on the market. But they can.

I bought the Apeman A80 at and tested it. I could as well have bought around a hundred other models there. In the same price range, and quite similar overall. Because all have one thing in common: the processor NOVATEK NT96660 + Sony Sensor. And these two achieve together with the 170 ° wide-angle lens an incredible image quality.

 It was almost inconceivable to me that they can bring a camera with good picture quality for $ 69.99 on the market. But they can.

For the test, I took only four pictures from a center in my friend Eric's garden, each rotated 90 ° horizontally. With Panoweaver 10 from Easypano they were put together to a panoramic view. The software is rather professional, but can not make the picture quality better than it is. The result speaks for itself. I show it here
Everyone can see that it's virtual reality. Watch with a smartphone and turn around your axis. Is's a VR quality, that other panoramic cameras and 3D cameras hardly achieve.

The Apeman A80 and all the others with this processor are action cameras or surveillance cameras. The transition between the two applications is fluid. The fact that they can also be used for high-resolution 360 ° panoramic views enriches their use with a completely different photographic field of activity.

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